Tor Lillqvist (tml) I made several InterRail (an European go-as-you-please train ticket) journeys with Taina. In the summer of 1989 we travelled as far as Turkey.

In August, 1994, I, Taina and Niklas went for a week to Riva del Garda, Italy.

Me sitting on a restaurant terrace high on Monte Baldo.

I have a short story about that available (in Finnish only).

Taina and Niklas on a misty mountain top.

In June 2000 the whole family cruised English canals for two weeks.

More text and photos will follow later once I have some spare time to write and scan. At least the following trips need to be documented:

  • In March 1996 I and Niklas visited Switzerland and travelled around by train with the SwissPass ticket.
  • In June 1996 I, Niklas and my new girlfriend, Leena went to Greek island Santorini for a week.
  • In January 1997, we visited Switzerland, again using the SwissPass.
  • In August 1997 I and Leena visited San Francisco for two weeks.
  • In June-July 1998 I and Leena toured Europe with InterRail tickets for four weeks.

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